Team Meeting

Our Work

We take pride in what we do.

 We have shown that development begins with roads.  Economic stability and economic growth begin with roads. Roads have led to local job growth, investment, and economic growth. For example, in Kiambu County, Kenya, the impact on local persons and merchants has led to food availability in the marketplace, families'  settling outside of cities reducing homelessness and crowded streets to improve the overall quality of life. 


In DRC Kinshasa, we have supported youth and women, civic, social, and political engagement linking corporations to socially responsible actions to improve the community.  


In Sierra Leone, we were able to galvanize the Diaspora to assist with the Ebola health crisis and have continued to support efforts to improve health, education, housing, and civic engagement for local people.


In Liberia we have been working with local communities to help young women and girls develop entrepreneurship skills to service the health sector. 


In the US, we have worked with minority women business owners to register their businesses, develop business plans, and strategies to attract funding.


In the US we have provided training for women and minority political candidates to prepare them to run for elected office then managed several political campaigns.