DR Congo condemns Rwanda for ‘supporting’ M23 rebels as group seizes border town


Issued on: 14/06/2022 – 23:59

The Democratic Republic of Congo on Tuesday condemned neighbour Rwanda for “supporting, financing and arming” the M23 rebel group that seized an important trading hub near the Ugandan border.

“We will defend every centimetre of our territory,” added a Congolese communications ministry statement, which came a day after M23 rebels took the town of Bunagana in the eastern province of North Kivu.

The statement cited 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner Denis Mukwege, who was quoted as saying that Congo was the victim of aggression, most recently by the M23, “whose support from Rwanda has been known by all for decades”.

On Monday, the Congolese army said Rwandan troops were occupying Bunagana and accused them of an “invasion”.

Kigali denies the accusations.

Use the link to finish reading the story - https://hcntimes.com/dr-congo-condemns-rwanda-for-supporting-m23-rebels-as-group-seizes-border-town/

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