On my first trip to the continent of Africa in 1995, I visited Nairobi, Kenya for several weeks. The air was fresh, the sky was clean and bright, the trees were lusciously green, the ground was dry, and the breeze was warm. I was surprised by the stark similarities between Nairobi and the Caribbean island of Jamaica; being in Nairobi made me feel quite nostalgic and comfortable. Although this was my first time in Nairobi, there was a strange sense of familiarity, a belonging, and a calming that flowed through me.

I remember seeing most of the people using cell phones had multiple phones. It was later explained to me by a friend that the rationale for multiple phones meant you would always have service. If one carrier is having a service interruption then they would switch to another carrier or use another phone so people had multiple phones by multiple carriers to always stay connected.

For the purpose of the story, I call this the beginning of the revolution. This is a continental wide revolution, it is a silent revolution active and flowing like lava under the feet of the people. However, simultaneously, the revolution is active in the form of radio waves in the sky over the heads of the people. This technological revolution, this 4th industrial revolution transitioning the continent to web 3.1 bridging the digital connectivity divide is an opportunity for continental Africans and the Diaspora to take full advantage of the technological advancements available to them.

One such form of available technology is The PIC TV Network. PIC is a streaming television network located on the Roku platform. PIC is the largest minority owned streaming network that we know of. PIC provides access to those who are creative enough to develop content be it in a talk show, documentary, children programs, or the news which now can be shared within households around the world. Given the mobility of technology, content on PIC can be viewed on laptops, desktops, cell phones, tablets, and other connected devices. Unlike most events taking place in Africa, the revolution will be televised and you can create it and launch it on The PIC TV Network,

Ian G. Campbell

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