Africa Rising

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia's dictator has served as a wake up call to Africa and the African Diaspora. They are realizing that no one is coming to save Africa other than Africans working in unison with the African Diaspora. Africans and the Diaspora are realizing that Africa's wealth is not in the ground, it is not the minerals, land mass, richness in diversity in wildlife, no, they are realizing that Africa's greatest resources are the African people.

In more and more conversations with Africans and Diasporans, we have been talking about what value the individual person have to offer to aid in Africa's development be it a continental African, African-American, African-Caribbean, African-Latino, Afro-Mexican, etc. The African Diaspora and continental Africans are moving beyond rhetoric to action. We are seeing transformational dynamic activities such as investment summits, agriculture expos, technology roundtables and more sparking a groundswell of developmental growth activities.

Don't give up on Africa. Africa is rising. You don't see grass growing but with certainty, it is growing and so is Africa. We are working with traditional leaders (Kings and royal families), elected officials, community leaders and others across the continent from Algeria to Zimbabwe to bring about change. We can only do this together. We are leveraging the skills and experiences of the Diaspora with the resources and know how of our African counterparts to invest in and strengthen Africa's investment in human capital, waste, energy, waste-to-energy, water, food/agriculture, real estate/infrastructure, raw material, tourism, traditional kingdoms, and more.

If you are reading this now, you can either join in and be apart of what is happening on the continent of Africa or in the not too distant future, you will look back wondering what happened and how did it happen. Join us and be the reason why!

By Ian Campbell

Managing Partner, Manchester Global Solutions, Inc.

Co-Founder, The PIC TV Network

Former Chief of Staff, US Congress, Washington, DC

Board Member of the Global Alliance of Afro-Descendent and Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs (GAAIWE)

C0-Founder, Credit Repair Company

Co-Founder of the Prosperity Fund to support African and Indigenous Colombians

President of the African Investors Council - Caribbean Region

Member of the Parliament of the State of the African Diaspora

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